Celebrity weight loss secrets you want to avoid

By: Jan 03, 2014
Celebrity weight loss secrets you want to avoid

Here are three celebrity weight loss secrets you will want to avoid at all costs, especially if you care about your health.

Celebrities boast pictures of post baby weight loss more willingly these days. Why are they so quick to show their flattened tummies? Because they are losing weight at a record pace. But their weight loss secrets may not be as open as their photos.

Tori Spelling openly admitted in her New York Times bestselling book, Spelling It Like It Is, that she lied about her weight loss mojo. And, she is not alone. Celebrity after celebrity is coming forward and telling us that there was more than met the eye.

Here are three celebrity weight loss secrets you will want to avoid at all costs, especially if you care about your health.

Tori Spelling – Eating Air
According to Tori Spelling’s new book, every new mom in Hollywood runs to the cosmetic surgeon for a little help with post-baby weight loss. While it may have taken nine months to pack the weight on, celebs want the weight off in nine days. Movie deadlines and premiere sightings require celebrities to be back in their skinny jeans in no time.

Tori Spelling admitted to falsifying information on how she dropped the baby weight. What was reported as a diet of protein and veggies, accompanied by old-fashioned exercise was a lie. Her book divulged that the real secret to her weight loss was a diet of air. Yes, you heard it correctly. She starved herself in order to get thin.

Jessica Alba – Victorian Costumes
Jessica Alba may have eaten a bit more than Tori Spelling but in order to rid herself of the post baby bump, she filled her closet with Victorian-era corsets. She wore corsets under her everyday garments so that everything was held in just so. Alba reported that she wore the corsets for two days at a time and then took two days off, repeating the cycle for a while. Within days, she saw the results she was looking for – a tight, flattened tummy.

Mystery Celebrity Shame
One of the strangest phenomena in Hollywood is the C-section plus tummy tuck surgery that happens often. A number of celebs have selected to have a C-section followed by an abdominoplasty. While there are health risks in having two surgeries in the same day, doctors are willing with the right price tag attached.

The combination surgery is being carefully examined by the Journal of Women’s Health, but some experts say that there are little health risks involved. Of course, an expert in the field should only perform the surgery. Many celebs opt for two surgeons, one who deliver the baby (an OB/GYN) and another to carry out the nip-and-tuck (a cosmetic surgeon). A current research study is ongoing with approximately fifty participants to see if the surgery is indeed safe and effective.