Embarrassing beauty problems and how to fix them

By: Jan 17, 2014
Embarrassing beauty problems and how to fix them

Below are some of the most embarrassing beauty problems and how to remedy them.

Let’s face it; there are some beauty problems or health concerns that are even too embarrassing for the doctor’s office. That’s why Dr. Google seems to be the best bet. From rashes on the derriere to unsightly warts and skin tags, below are some of the most embarrassing beauty problems.

1. Eyebrow dandruff
Have a few flakes falling from your brow, all four seasons? Some women experience an overproduction of yeast, which leads to dandruff developing along the eyebrow, forehead, and eyelash line.

Remedy: Try a small dollop of tea-tree oil shampoo and smooth daily over the affected area. Tea tree oil is safe and natural. It will have your eyebrows flake-less in no time.

2. Bacterial butt rash
Yeast, fungi, and even bacteria can lead to bumps and sores around the backside. According to the dermatology department at Emory University Hospital, infections of the hair shafts can lead to small red and pus-filled bumps that develop along the buttocks.

Remedy: Over-the-counter acne creams and ointments that contain benzoyl peroxide are highly effective. It is important to eliminate tight-fitting clothing that traps heat and moisture.

3. Hairy Moles
Concerned about the hairs growing out of rampant moles across your body? According to dermatologists and skin experts, hairs growing out of moles can be safely plucked with tweezers if tended to in a gentle manner.

Remedy: Try to use a very bright light so that you can see the hair, rather than mistakenly pulling at the skin. If a skin snag occurs, be sure to compress the area with a napkin or towel until it stops bleeding. A Band-Aid may be necessary.

4. Acne on the Back
Clogged pores and excess oil cause acne that develops on the back, also referred to as backne. It can be troublesome, especially during the warmer seasons when swimming suits are worn.

Remedy: Keep the skin as clean as possible, especially following exercise. Use a warm washcloth or loofah sponge to wash the area and remove excess oils. A small amount of antibacterial cleanser or soap is also helpful in killing bacteria.

5. Darkened Armpits
Women often develop a discoloration under the arms from repeated shaving and deodorant application. Many women do not want to forego the deodorant for days at a time for the sake of discoloration prevention.

Remedy: Shaving near the end of a shower when the hairs have softened under warm water can help reduce friction and eliminate the possibility of irritation. Some over-the-counter brightening beauty products can also help. These are the same types of brightening products used for the face. Many women experience a lightening of the skin within 24-48 hours of using the brightening cream.