6 Strange reasons you're in a bad mood

By: Jan 31, 2014
6 Strange reasons you're in a bad mood

From the weather to social media, beware of these mood busters.

Not sure why you are in a funk? Can't seem to shake the bad mood you have had for months? You might be surprised what causes an unexpected downer. From the weather to your best friends, beware of the mood buster.

1. Social Media Misery
From Facebook to Twitter, are you thrilled about your best friends new boyfriend or jealous that it isn't you jet setting to Paris? Research shows that Facebook could be harming your mood. FB friends and Twitter followers can actually inspire feelings of envy and misery. If you begin feeling the pangs of jealousy, take a break from social media. Step back and allow yourself some time to live Facebook free.

2. Pollution Woes
Nobody likes smog, especially our lungs. Recent studies published in the Journal of Green Economics showed that European countries with the most smog in the sky also yield some of the highest levels of unhappiness among residents. To eliminate the sadness, stay indoors during bad days and avoid jogging in the pollution.

3. Contagious Co-workers
Sharing germs at work is nothing new, but a recent study from the University of Notre Dame shows that depression can be contagious in the workplace. According to research, depression can actually be passed around from one person to another. Watch your friends and who you eat lunch with. Remember, misery loves company.

4. Ditch the Doughnuts
While they may be delicious, a diet high in sugar leads to feelings of sadness and irritable mood swings. Ditch the break room doughnuts and opt for a healthier snack, such as fruits or vegetables.

5. Maddening Music
Did you know that a playlist rich in sad songs can bring you down? And, if you feel sad, you are more inclined to misinterpret the intentions of those around you which make you even more negative and depressed. In order to get out of the funk, change up your tunes and enjoy something upbeat while exercising.

6. Drink and Be Merry
No, we are not talking about consuming alcohol in excess. But, a little wine goes a long way in lower a persons susceptibility to depression. According to research published by the journal BMC Medicine, individuals who drank more wine during the week (between two and seven glasses each week) were less likely to be depressed. It's okay to enjoy a glass with your evening meal, but don't overdo. Drinking in excess can actually lead to depression.