How to end the headache of dealing with headaches

By: Feb 17, 2014
How to end the headache of dealing with headaches

Below we take a look at some surprising and not so surprising headache triggers and how to avoid or manage them.

Just like the car driving slowly in the left-hand lane on the highway might trigger a case of road rage, there are things in the environment that can trigger headaches in some people. Below we take a look at some surprising and not so surprising headache triggers and how to avoid or manage them.

1. Perfume
Research shows that migraine sufferers are more sensitive to strong odors given off by perfumes and other scented products. Experts do not know exactly why or how this occurs, but there is a definite cause and effect relationship going on.

Experts say it’s best to avoid exposure as much as possible by avoiding environments such as the perfume aisle of the department store as much as possible. In addition, use unscented versions of deodorant, soap, and laundry detergent to see if your headaches disappear.

2. Hunger
Not only does hunger make your stomach hurt, but it may be what’s causing your headaches. Research shows that people who skip breakfast suffer from more headaches than their breakfast eating counterparts. So why does skipping breakfast trigger headaches? Health experts say a drop in blood sugar levels is the main culprit.

So instead of making lunch your first meal of the day, get up early and eat a breakfast consisting of lean protein, grains and fruit. You just might find yourself reaching for a whole-wheat bagel instead of the bottle of aspirin.

3. Vacation
Vacations are supposed to make headaches go away, but in many instances they can be the trigger. How is this possible you ask? It’s known as the post stress headache. Here’s a common scenario:

You are up late packing and making last minute plans which means you’re sleep deprived, probably dehydrated, and most likely skipped a meal or two. So when you’re finally ready to go on vacation and the time comes, you get a nasty migraine headache.

The best way to manage or even avoid a post stress headache is to mitigate stress by planning ahead. Also, stay hydrated and eat healthy meals to keep your blood sugar in check. And if you have time to get a good pre-vacation workout in, do that too.

4. 3D Movies
It seems like 3D movies are all the rage. Everyone comes out of the theater with a smile on their face after enjoying a great show, but all you have to show for it is a pounding headache.

This happens because 3D movies play tricks on the brain. And for migraine sufferers sensitive to these sorts of things, it means a sure fire method of asking for trouble. The only fix is to avoid 3D movies and opt for the 2D version or wait until it comes out on DVD.

5. Jet Lag
Disrupted schedule, stress, dehydration, and missed sleep. These are all consequences of jet lag and can easily turn into the perfect storm of events leading up to a killer migraine.

The fix. Drink plenty of water, skip the airplane food, and get some rest. And when you arrive at your destination, try and get some fresh air and a nap if possible.

So what headache triggers did we miss?