Sugar shockers: 9 Weird effects sugar has on your body

By: Feb 05, 2014
Sugar shockers: 9 Weird effects sugar has on your body

New research shows that an overload of sugar is causing strange reactions in the body never seen before.

The average American consumes a staggering 130 pounds of sugar on an annual basis. That far exceeds the number recommended by the American Heart Association. New research shows that this overload of sugar is causing strange reactions in the body never seen before. Read on to find out the shocking new evidence.

1. We all know that sugar causes your belly and thighs to plump up, but did you know sugar causes your organs to fatten up too? It’s true. High fructose corn syrup and fructose cause excess fat to build up around the liver.

2. Sugar is a main cause of diabetes, but it also plays a major role in contracting heart disease. The medical facts so us that diabetes and heart disease are interlinked. Being at risk for one means being at risk for both diseases.

3. Sugar also can create tense blood vessels. The extra insulin caused by elevated sugar levels in the body means your arteries are forced to grow faster than they should. That means you could very well be on your way to hypertension and even a stroke.

4. Research has found that sugar causes high cholesterol too. We all know that foods high in saturated fats cause high cholesterol, but now science is showing us sugar may be just as bad.

5. Researchers out of Brown University coined the term “Type 3 Diabetes” after discovering a link between high sugar, high fat diets, and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the Brown University research team found evidence that Alzheimer’s disease may be a metabolic disease in which the brain loses its ability to use glucose and create energy. In other words, it’s analogous to having diabetes of the brain.

6. Similar to illegal drugs and some prescription medicines, sugar has been shown to release pleasure chemicals in the brain that can cause some people to become addicted. Experts say it typically takes 7-10 days for the taste buds to adjust to a diet consisting of less sugar.

7. A new stream of research is showing that sugar damages the brain’s ability to regulate the feeling of being full. That means even after you’ve eaten a nice meal, your brain may not be sending the message that you are full and should stop eating.

8. Zombies may not be real, but having too much sugar sure makes you feel like one. Science shows us that within just 30 minutes, a person can go from a sugar high to a serious sugar crash. The spike sets people up to get caught in the vicious cycle of needing too much sugar in a misguided attempt to regulate their energy levels.

9. And to add insult to injury, sugar not only makes your body unattractive due to weight gain, it also causes damage to your skin by harming the collagen and elastin, substances that keep your skin firm and youthful.

So are these sugar shockers surprising to you?