Why good manners are bad for your health

By: Mar 10, 2014
Why good manners are bad for your health

Here are five situations when using bad manners is good for your health.

You always say please and thank you, and gasp at the idea of talking loudly on your cell phone while in the check out line. You are the poster child of good manners and social graces. But sometimes you just want to cut to the front of the line, yell at the rude customer service worker, or even watch the elevator door close as someone asks you to hold it. Not only does that sound like mischievous fun, it is also good for your health. Here are five situations when using bad manners is good for your health.

1. %$#!#*@ Swearing: We were always told growing up that cursing is bad. But a few cuss words now and then in the right context can be healthy for you. A study done in Britain showed that swearing may actually reduce pain – especially for those who don’t swear on a regular basis. Conversely, the study showed that those who held back and suppressed their anger and pain felt worse.

2. Just Say No: This phrase used to be a widely used anti-drug slogan, but now it’s a powerful tool that will help you stay healthy by reducing stress in your life. Many people have a hard time saying no and end up ramming too many things into their schedule. By politely saying no you save your energy for what matters and reduce stress by not overextending yourself.

3. Cleaning your Plate: For some reason society (moms), have engrained in us that leaving food on our plates is a sign of disrespect. In reality, it’s nothing more than a sign you are full and do not want to overeat. A survey in a popular food magazine said that nearly 90% of women clean their plate even when they felt full before they were finished. Could it be that all this polite eating is the culprit behind the country’s obesity epidemic. That is probably a stretch, but if you’re full, don’t be afraid to push your unfinished plate to the side.

4. Shaking Hands: We’re taught to give a firm handshake and look people square in the eye. But the downside is you never know where the other person’s hand has been. Researchers at a major university decided to find out, and the results were pretty disgusting. They discovered that people who shake hands at least seven times per day were ten times more likely to have fecal bacteria on their palms. Gross! On a positive note, researchers found that being a chronic hand-shaker hardly increased the chance that you would get sick.

5. Facebook Friends: The more friends you have the happier you are right? Wrong. A study conducted in Spain suggests that having more than 350 social media friends can lead to feelings of discontent and unhappiness. Why? Because with so many friends, you are going to be bombarded with happy vacation pictures and engagement announcements that it might lead you to feeling unhappy about your own life.

So which one of these are you going to try?