7 Ways to skip the vending machine and eat healthy at work

By: Mar 19, 2014
7 Ways to skip the vending machine and eat healthy at work

Here are 7 ways to eat healthy at the office when everyone else isn’t.

Let’s face it. It’s tough to eat healthy at the office when it’s so easy to eat nothing but junk. You show up for work, there are boxes of donuts, vending machines at every corner, and every day you get invited to go to lunch. What can you do to avoid these common traps and stay healthy? Here are 7 ways to eat healthy at the office when everyone else isn’t.

1. Evolving Past the Brown Bag: The brown bag is analogous to the brick-style cell phone. If you’re still using one there are plenty of better options. Instead of packing your food in a paper bag, try using some recyclable bento boxes and pre-packaged salads/fruits that will keep your food looking and tasting fresh. Instead of being a victim of brown bag shame, be the envy of the office by sporting some cool lunch gear. It’s like having that cool grade school lunch box all over again.

2. Have a Plan: It’s too easy to eat poorly when you aren’t prepared. Many of us plan dinners so why stop with just the evening meal. Planning your lunches will keep you from eating unhealthy because of lack of preparation. And it will save you a ton of money too. Planning your lunches for the week is much easier and less stressful than scrambling around each morning looking for something to pack.

3. Plan for Lunch at Dinner: If you’re cooking up some chicken breasts and stir fry for dinner, go head and prepare a few extra so you can take them to work. This batch method of cooking doesn’t take any more time or additional planning.

4. Pack a Snack: Taking lunch isn’t enough. You spend hours at the office so you’re bound to get hungry. Hunger is the enemy. It’s what leads you to make that shameful walk to the vending machine for that stale honeybun. Instead, pack some almonds, trail mix or fruit.

5. Take Breaks: Hunger is not the only reason we eat bad food. Sometimes it’s boredom or stress. Taking breaks can help relieve the boredom or stress that can lead to eating poorly. Instead, take a quick fifteen to go for a walk or read a few pages from that romance novel.

6. Have a Plan B: Plan A consists of packing a healthy lunch and snacks. Sometimes you won’t be able to carry out Plan A so you need to have a Plan B. Plan B should consist of a go-to restaurant that serves up healthy food rather than fast food.

7. Group Effort: There’s strength in numbers. Instead of being a lone brown bag crusader, get some of your co-workers involved and start a brown bag revolution.