Minimize resistance to antibiotics in 9 easy steps

By: May 19, 2014
Minimize resistance to antibiotics in 9 easy steps

Simple tips to keep you healthy and prevent antibiotic resistance.

More and more people are becoming resistant to antibiotics causing them to be ineffective against serious infections. Following these nine easy steps will keep you healthy and prevent antibiotic resistance.

1. Keep up to date with your vaccinations
Listen up moms! It’s important to keep your kids up to date on vaccinations, especially the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine that fights pneumonia.

2. Wash your hands often
A lot of the reason for antibiotic resistance is caused by overuse. By washing you hands often, you’ll be sick less and not need to take antibiotics. Experts say to make sure you’re watching your hands all the time – especially during midday hours, which is when many adults get lazy about this important ritual.

3. Make sure your eggs, meat, and poultry are well cooked
Food-borne infections are often caused by cross-contamination. Make sure you cook your food thoroughly and you’ll reduce the chances you and your family will need to take antibiotics as a result of a food-borne illness.

4. Take antibiotics according to doctor’s orders
A big no-no is to skip, share, or take incorrect dosages of antibiotics. They are precisely dosed to get rid of the infection or illness. When you don’t follow directions, the result is a stronger virus that is harder to get rid of causing you to need more antibiotics therefore increasing your resistance.

5. Eat organic
Organic food is healthier for a variety of reasons, one of which is the livestock that ends up in your shopping cart is not fed antibiotics. On the other hand, non-organic livestock are fed antibiotics on a regular basis. Experts conclude that a meat-heavy western diet of non-organic meats is a major factor in antibiotic resistance among North Americans.

6. Stop Using Antibiotic Resistant Soap
Experts say regular soap is as effective at preventing the spread of germs as antibacterial soaps. The main ingredient in antibacterial soap known as triclosan is thought to promote resistance to certain drugs.

7. Stick to the basics
Often times the best antibiotics are the old school ones such as penicillin. In most cases the mega-dose antibiotics of today are not needed to clear up the majority of infections. Narrow spectrum options are typically enough to get you feeling well and back on your feet in no time.

8. Forget the internet
Antibiotics can easily be purchased online, which has caused many people to abuse them. First off, ordering some pills from an unknown website is dangerous enough, but it also makes it too easy for people to order them at the first sign of a scratchy throat or cough.

9. Don’t run to the doctor
This is by no means saying you should stay away from your health care provider, but there is a fine line between being cautious and overdoing it. In many cases the only medicine you need is sleep and plenty of fluids – just like mom said.