6 Ways to turn sleep into beauty sleep

By: May 02, 2014
6 Ways to turn sleep into beauty sleep

Catching some zzz's not only improves your health, it can improve your appearance as well.

The health benefits of sleep just keep on piling up. Turns out counting sheep can help you improve your looks too. So before you stop reading to go take a nap, check out the 6 ways you can turn sleep into beauty sleep.

Smooth as Silk
Not only are silk and satin sheets and pillowcases sexy – they are also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Normal pillowcases can cause undue friction leading to increased wrinkles and skin irritation. On the other hand, satin or silk sheets decrease friction and therefore is much gentler.

Lay on your Back
Sleeping on your back has several health benefits including protecting you from wrinkles and reducing swelling in the eyes. People who have bags under their eyes often sleep on their side or stomach, which can lead to increased fluid retention around the eyes. Sleeping on your back, and even using an extra pillow can reduce swelling and fluid build-up leaving you looking and feeling refreshed.

Pills, Potions and Lotions
Any good dermatologist will tell you to make sure to never skip the nightly beauty ritual. Anti-aging cream with hyaluronic will smooth out wrinkles and protect your skin by drawing in moisture. In addition, make sure to apply lip balm to help keep your lips smooth and supple. All of these products work with the body’s own skin recovery mechanisms while you sleep to help repair damaged skin cells.

Pillow Pets
Nasty bacteria can build up on your pillow case quickly, so be sure to frequently wash and replace your pillow case on a regular basis. You don’t want to sleep in a cesspool of bacteria for eight hours each night do you? Experts recommend washing or switching pillowcases twice a week.

You know the humidifier you use for your kids when they have a cough? Of course you do. It turns out it’s also great at keeping your skin looking healthy and vibrant. We all know drinking water is good for the skin, but a humidifier can do the trick while you’re slumbering away. It’s especially helpful in the winter when skin is most prone to becoming dry and cracked.

No Boozing in Bed
Health professionals and wine advocates often tout the health benefits of wine, but timing is everything. A glass of wine with dinner is a good thing. A glass of wine right before you hit the pillow – not so much. Why? Too much wine or alcohol dehydrates the body and therefore the skin. The result is waking up with the dreaded puffy face and eyes. Combine the alcohol with a salty snack and you might as well not even get out of bed.