Signs you may be having an emotional affair

By: May 23, 2014
Signs you may be having an emotional affair

Here are the signs to watch out for – before it’s too late.

Emotional attachment to someone other than your spouse doesn’t have to lead to the demise of your marriage, but will cause problems if you are not aware. Wonder if you’re having an emotional affair? Here are the signs to watch out for – before it’s too late.

Confiding in another person – other than your spouse
Having close friends is one thing, but if you are deliberately excluding your spouse and confiding in someone else, it is easy to open the doors to your affection. If your primary confidante is a person you also have a secret crush on, or are infatuated by, trouble could be lurking in the midst. It is important not to neglect your relationship.

Your mind wanders and begins fantasizing about another person
Daydreaming is one thing, but not reality. The person you are focusing your attention and dreams on may not even know you are alive. The fantasies may cause you to detach from your current partner, which can be detrimental to your relationship and/or marriage.

You begin planning the future
And, it doesn’t include your spouse, but places the other party in his or her role. Imagination is not reality. It is critical to fix the current situation you are in before messing things up and planning a future with someone else. Fantasies are not reality.

You’re just plain bored
Feeling unfulfilled and bored with life can cause disconnect with the people you love. A lack of fulfillment mixed with the possibility of connecting with someone else, such as a person at work or school, can cause a temporary feeling of excitement. Rather than taking the plunge to fix a temporary problem, focus on the needs of the current relationship. Is there communication breakdown that makes you connect with others? It’s important to keep the relationship alive by keeping the emotional and sexual connection alive.

You don’t share news with your spouse anymore
Have you started leaving your spouse out of the loop? Maybe it’s time to jump back in with both feet and get your marriage or relationship back on track. Important news with your life, a job promotion or raise, should always be shared with your loved one. If you are sharing the news with another person and excluding your spouse, it’s time to switch connections. Fix the communication problem by visiting a marriage counselor or join a support group for couples – before it’s too late.

If you’ve come to the determination that it’s time to move on from your main relationship, be certain the choice is the best one. Do what is best for you but don’t abandon your relationship if it’s fixable. Give it a try and never give up without putting forth an effort.