Expert tips for improving your marriage

By: Jul 04, 2014
Expert tips for improving your marriage

Below are some easy and effective tips guaranteed to strengthen your bond and keep the home fires sizzling hot.

Looking for ways to improve your marriage or relationship? Below are some easy and effective tips guaranteed to strengthen your bond and keep the home fires sizzling hot.

Tip 1: Hug and kiss every single day.
And, don't just do it once. Studies show that oxytocin, a chemical released in the body that responds to physical touch, causes connection. When people hug and kiss, this chemical is released and the body feels good. Longer stretches of intimacy yield great rewards. Experts on marriage say that couples should hug for two minutes and kiss for at least thirty seconds each day.

Tip 2: Take a stroll together.
Do you meet your husband at the door and bombard him with the daily household scoop? Maybe he meets you at the table to discuss the bills. Instead of pow-wowing at home, take it outdoors where fresh air meets quality conversation. The outdoors can help free your minds and provide space to think. The simple act of taking a walk together creates a sense of teamwork and companionship. There's nothing like being mentally and physically in sync.

Tip 3: Have a drink together.
According to studies performed at the University of Buffalo, couples who drink together are often more compatible. Heavy drinkers stay with heavy drinkers and light drinkers stick with light drinkers. While the university does not condone heavy drinking, it recognized that couples are less likely to fight when they have a similar drinking pattern. So, the next time your spouse pours a glass of wine to take the edge off  join them.

Tip 4: Think quantity over quality when it comes to sex.
When couples do not physically connect, problems may arise. Clinical sexologists report that removing the expectations of long, drawn-out lovemaking sessions can relieve the pressure and make sex more accessible for both parties. Just ten minutes every other day can provide more intimacy than long drawn out sessions once a month.

Tip 5: Sit side-by-side at a restaurant.
Try sitting next to your partner when out to dinner rather than staring at them like a prospective employer looking to hire. Grab a booth that allows you to sit side by side. If the seating doesn't allow for hip to hip accommodations, be sure to play footsies under the table and enjoy the flirtatious moment.

Tip 6: Journal about the arguments.
A recent study from Northwestern University in Illinois, reported that married couples who write about their conflicts a few times each year are more satisfied in their relationship than those couples who do not. The writing group reported a better understanding of their spouses and greater insight of themselves. Rather than yelling and screaming, take it to the notebook and unleash your frustrations in the heat of the moment. Remember to keep a neutral standpoint when writing, but always remain truthful. When you look at the reflection at a later date, you may have a different perspective.