All day energy boosters that work

By: Aug 25, 2014
All day energy boosters that work

Here are a few proven pick-me-ups that are immediate and easy.

Looking for a quick fix to your personal energy crisis? There is no need to suffer from fatigue and all-day lethargy. Help is on its way.

Let the sunshine in
Sunlight is one of the most powerful and natural energy boosters available. Feeling drowsy in the morning? Tear open the shades and absorb the rays. Sunlight stimulates the cells in your eyes and sends your brain a signal that it is time to wake up. A healthy dose of sunshine boosts your ability to focus and become more alert. Dimly lit rooms promote foggy thinking and tiredness, while sitting near a sunny window can boost energy for as much as thirty minutes.

Add protein to your breakfast
A simple carbohydrate, or even complex, like granola or toast is not enough to feel satisfied until lunchtime. Your blood sugar levels need balanced, and protein is the way to level the scales. If you notice you feel tired or cranky in the mornings, you better check your diet for protein. There is no need to eat sausage links or eggs, when you barely have time to prepare toast. Just slap a scoop of peanut butter on top and be on your way. A handful of nuts or berries can also provide extra nutrition to keep your energy levels boosted until your next meal.

Drink water throughout the day
One of the best ways to improve your energy level is to drink water. When a person is dehydrated, they feel lethargic and don’t function as well as a person who has sipped on water throughout the day. Increased water intake can help your alertness level, not to mention organ function. Your health depends on the amount of water you consume each day.

Refuel your body with the right foods
Rather than snacking on sugar and processed food sources that leave you feeling exhausted within thirty minutes, eat the right snacks. Keep a bag of nuts, an apple, orange, or handful of grapes at your desk. Eat a stick of string cheese in the mid-morning and a handful of almonds midday. You will notice your energy levels improve by the time you get off work. Candy and soda will cause an energy crash.

Pass on a fatty lunch
A high fat lunch causes sleepiness in the afternoon. Not to mention a brain slump and upset stomach. Rather than pizza and burgers for lunch, choose a healthier option like a bowl of black bean soup and small salad of mixed greens. Even a turkey sandwich is better than fried chicken or macaroni and cheese. If you eat a lean and healthy lunch, you will notice your alertness level improve and your attention span grow.

A few changes throughout the day can greatly improve your energy level. All day energy boosters do not need to be purchased over-the-counter. They are available free of charge and are right at your fingertips.