Bizarre beauty tales that turned out to be true

By: Aug 08, 2014
Bizarre beauty tales that turned out to be true

Here are the true tales to remember.

Myths and fabrications surround the beauty industry. Few facts support the tales passed from generation to generation. Like the urban legend about toothpaste causing chemical burns. Sure, that turned out to be a joke, but some of the most bizarre beauty fables have turned out to be true. Here are the true tales to remember:

Tight hairstyles cause hair loss
A hairstyle, such as a ponytail or bun, that pulls on the scalp may actually cause damage to the root and follicle. If the tension is extreme, scarring may ensue. This means that the hair won’t grow back in the damaged area. Instead of slicking your hair into a tight ponytail, opt for a looser style that is easier on your hair. You may actually save your strands over the long term.

Foods cause acne
While acne-causing foods may not be as definitive as chocolate and French fries, there are certain foods that promote acne, cause acne, or even worsen the condition. The foods depend on your body. Every body reacts differently to foods. There may be something you are eating that is causing a break out. It is important to keep track of the foods you eat and make note when pimples pop out or irritations flares up. If you notice a pattern you need to stop eating the foods.

Rubbing your eyes leads to crow’s feet and wrinkles
While rubbing your eyes does not lead directly to wrinkles, the pulling and tugging motions may cause delicate skin around your eyes to break down over time. Just because you rub your eyes one time does not mean wrinkles are your destiny. But, if you make a habit of tugging at the skin, you may see creases that don’t bounce back. Instead of rubbing your eyes, use a cold cloth and apply it to the area gently. Pat dry and never tug on the skin.

You can become addicted to lip balms
Addiction is a strong word when relating to lip balms. Most women become dependent on lip balms to keep their pout moistened and moisturized. Why the dependence? According to Internet forums around the world, ingredients such as menthol, camphor, and salicylic acid actually irritate the skin instead of moisturize. What does this mean for your lips? Instead of hydrating the skin, the lip balms are actually promoting further dryness. This causes you to apply more, and more.

Beer rinses make your hair strong and thick
The main ingredients found in beer, barley and hops, are rich in protein and amino acids. These proteins help the hair appear thicker, shinier, and cleaner when used as a rinsing agent. The alcohol found in the beer actually cleanses the strands and helps revitalize their shine and consistency. Instead of buying expensive over-the-counter thickening agents, beer may be the next best thing – not to mention the cheapest option.