By: Jennifer Pretty Jul 19, 2011

“Mommyrexia” is the new term for a disturbing and growing trend. According to reports some moms-to-be are going to extreme measures to gain as little weight as possible during their pregnancy, and are taking part in risky diets right after their child is born to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.  Not only are they putting themselves at risk, but they are jeopardizing the health and future of their child. We’ve all noticed the disappearing baby bump among celebrities, but it is now becoming more and more popular among us “common folk”.

According to the New York Post many popular maternity lines have had to add new extra small sizes to keep up with this new demand.  It also reports that women in wealthier communities are at a higher risk for developing these unsafe habits. 

Many health experts are concerned about this emerging trend.

Isaac Herschkopf, a psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders says “women whose beauty is part of their allure, [and] women who are frightened about losing their husbands attention" are most likely to fall victim to this trend.

Manhattan dietitian Lisa Cohn blames celebrities like Victoria Beckham who is 8 months pregnant with her fourth child, for glamorizing this frail and unhealthy pregnancy image.

"Beckham's in her eighth month now, and looking too thin continues to be part of her plan -- healthy or not," Cohn tells The Post. "She hasn't been looking as vibrant -- pale face, dull eyes and more drained. If her extreme post-baby weight-loss plan of shedding 20 pounds in a short period is true, it sends a dangerous message to other women out there."

It’s terrifying to that think that for some, the obsession about having the “perfect” body is more important than their health, and the health of their child. Of course, moderate exercise and a healthy diet are important during pregnancy (and every other point in your life for that matter), but going to excessive extremes is ridiculous and unsafe.

If you decide to become pregnant, you need to realize there are going to be changes. Your body is going to change, and will probably never be the exact same, and of course, you need to put the needs of your child ahead of your own.  If you aren’t ready to except that, maybe you should question your desire to get pregnant in the first place.


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!


Jennifer Pretty began her career as the director of artist development for a well-known Canadian music label. Branching out on her own, she then started her own PR business “Pretty Media Management” planning and hosting various charity, entertainment and fashion events. As a dance and fitness class enthusiast Jennifer is a firm believer in the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. She also loves to cook, travel, spend time with family and friends and most importantly living life to the fullest!