An interview with fitness model Rachel Davis

By: Jennifer Pretty Jan 17, 2012
Rachel Davis fitness model

Rachel Davis is one of Canada's most celebrated female fitness models. She has been published in many top fitness magazines including Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Runner’s World Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, MuscleMag and SHAPE Magazine. Most recently, she worked with Reebok and can be seen in the new campaign for Premier Fitness Clubs.

Lucky for us, I got a chance to speak with Rachel about how she stays motivated and to get some helpful fitness and nutrition tips.

J: Has fitness always been a top priority in your life? If not, how/when did that change? 

R:I wouldn't say it has always been a priority like it is now, but it has always been of major interest to me ever since I can remember! When I was in my teens, I became more interested in nutrition as opposed to just working out and sports. Also, at that time, my boyfriend (now fiancée) was into bodybuilding. I went to his first bodybuilding competition and saw "Figure Girls" come onto the stage. As soon as I laid my eyes on them I knew I wanted to look like that - toned, lean muscles while maintaining a feminine figure. Muscles on a woman can be extremely beautiful!

J: How did you decide you wanted to take fitness from a hobby to a career? 

R: To be honest, I didn't! It just sort of happened. I've worked hard towards being the best I can be and everything else seemed to follow. A great support system was and is the key to all of my success. Everyone from my fiancée Dorian Hamilton, my parents, my best friend Jodi Boam, Team O'Brien, and fitness and glamour photographer Paul Buceta have all played major roles in getting me to where I am today. I am so thankful for every one of them and every opportunity that has come my way.

J: What are your favourite workouts?

R: I love to train legs! I find them the hardest yet most satisfying workout when completed.

J: How often do you workout?

If I am preparing for a competition, I am at the gym 2 times a day, 6 days a week.  When I’m not preparing for a contest, I workout once a day, 5-6 days a week.

J: Do you follow a strict meal plan?

80% of the year, yes. I usually ease up around November/December. Everyone needs a break!

J: What are your best tips to sticking with a meal plan?

Be consistent! Consistency is so important. It seems so simple, but it is the key to your success.  I find setting small, attainable goals will also help with your success so everything doesn't seem so overwhelming. I would also recommend a cheat MEAL once a week. I find this keeps me sane and motivated throughout the week knowing that I can reward myself and my hard work. If you can skip a few weeks or go cold turkey, that is even better! I feel it is also important to know that everyone has slip ups. It’s okay! Don't focus on them! Focus on what you can do now, and today to get yourself towards your goal.

J: Other than diet and exercise, how else do you stay healthy?

The soul is just as important as the mind and body, so Sundays I enjoy going to church for some soul food with my fiancée and his family. Having healthy relationships are important to me too, so spending time with friends and family are all things I would consider that contribute to my health, outside of diet and exercise! I believe supplementation is important to not only maintain health, but to improve health as well. Some examples of supplements I use on a daily basis include a multivitamin, fish oil, PVL Essentials BCAA's and Glutamine (both important for the growth and repair of muscle tissue), Ultimate Daily Cleanse (which is an organic, 5 fibre supplement with added omega's and 1 billion active bacteria cultures!) and IsoGold protein powder. Isolate is the highest quality of protein and digests quickly and easily on your system---so that means, no bloating!

J: For you, what is the hardest part about staying in tiptop shape?

The hardest part for me are simple things like dinners, events or parties and not being able to fully "partake" in them, or sometimes not even being able to go. Anyone who knows me knows I love to eat and socialize! But I prepare myself by bringing my own food with me, or by having healthy snacks like veggies or almonds that I can nibble on to prevent a mishap. 

J: Do you experience the same “hang ups” that most women do? If so, how do you overcome these?

Yes I definitely do! Unfortunately this is a common issue that most people deal with. I have my slip ups and moments of self doubt just like anyone else. It's finding the fire inside to pick yourself back up. Focus on the positive and believe in yourself! If you don't like something, change it. Find the will power or the help you will need to get there. Remember it's your life, take control of it.

J: Tips for someone who’s looking to get into shape.

Be consistent! Set small attainable goals! Be driven! Educate yourself and you will succeed!


To learn more about Rachel Davis, check out here facebook page here.

Photo By: Paul Buceta


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Jennifer Pretty began her career as the director of artist development for a well-known Canadian music label. Branching out on her own, she then started her own PR business “Pretty Media Management” planning and hosting various charity, entertainment and fashion events. As a dance and fitness class enthusiast Jennifer is a firm believer in the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. She also loves to cook, travel, spend time with family and friends and most importantly living life to the fullest!