Gym alternatives

By: Sue Abell Jan 16, 2014

My gym is packed, thanks to all those people making New Year’s resolutions to work out. What can I do to make sure I still get my workout in?

Tired of all the resolution people taking up equipment at the gym? Try these tips.

The resolution rush only lasts for a while, maybe until the middle of February, so don't forsake your gym just yet.

Usually the typical bike, treadmill and elliptical cardio-centered machines will be the first place resolution folk head. So why not take the opportunity to shock your body into dropping some extra weight yourself by switching it up? Try a calorie-blasting skipping workout by combining a few foot combinations or create your own circuit workout by combining weighted lunges, squat presses, burpies and stationary football shuffles in a vacant corner or unused room in your gym facility.

Now is also the time for flexibility with your muscle workouts to avoid standing idle for 10 minutes waiting for a weight or machine. Enter the gym knowing what muscle groups you want to work, but have a few options in as a resolution member may have decided to occupy the incline bench for 15 minutes. If it's chest day, be ready to use a stability ball in a bridge position for your chest presses instead of a flat bench, and get that extra core and butt and hamstring muscle work. For your seated rows, instead of a Nautilus machine, go for the cables and hold yourself in a squat position while rowing, making the exercise more functional and total body.

Who the end of February you may be the one who has pushed through a fitness plateau by switching it up!

Sue Abell, creator of Tread Powerfully®, is a fitness instructor and personal trainer with an honours degree in English and fitness certification from Can-Fit-Pro. In 2008, she created a new indoor/outdoor fitness concept entitled Tread Powerfully®. Sue’s mantra: “INtense and OUT in an hour,” tells participants that during one of her classes, they will use a variety of deliberate and controlled movements that will engage every muscle group, increase heart rates, and still be adaptable for all fitness levels and ages. To learn more, visit