By: May 15, 2014

I’m not seeing results anymore from my workout. Why?

Simple changes will help you see results from your workout

Research shows that the best workout for weight loss is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular work, not just one or the other. You want to do exercise that expends a lot of calories. That requires a very big exchange of heat in your body. Any activity can do that, but the combination of weight training and cardio together is the most effective way of burning the most calories in the time that you have.

Also, once you do your combination of weight training and cardio, the key to continuing making improvements is to change the workload. Your body will plateau after a certain point, because it adapts to the stress you put upon it. You have to put more stress on the body. Whether you work out with more intensity, or longer, or with more weight, you’ve got to do something harder than what you were doing before if you want your body to change. Most people don’t do that because it’s very uncomfortable to do. Most people don’t train hard enough to elicit changes in their body. It’s hard to do, but if you’re patient with it, you get used to the discomfort.