By: Sue Abell May 10, 2012

Now that the weather is getting nice, what should I wear during outdoor workouts?

Are you ready to work out in the heat?

Now is the time to take a peek in the closet and get your gear ready for the change in season. You don't need a closetful of clothing, just a few key pieces to take you into the temperature shift.

Now that the time has changed, most of your workouts will probably be in the sun. Starting from the top, I recommend a cap with a brim to keep your head protected and face shielded. Many people say that they don’t like wearing a hat, but it really does keep the heat levels down and there are lots of fits to suit your head and style-sense. Sports sunglasses and a great sunscreen that doesn’t irritate the eyes are the other two essentials. 

Moving down the body, when it comes to fabrics it’s about keeping layers light and wicking and finding a fit that doesn’t chafe or ride up. Whether it’s capris, shorts, tanks or t-shirts…there’s a brand, style and size that will fit you and make you feel comfortable. Remember to check the weather the night before your workout so you know whether to dig out the light gloves or toque in case there’s going to be high winds or pelting rain. Spring and summer doesn’t mean that all the traditional winter gear goes into storage.

Unless you are lucky enough to have water fountains at all points in your workout, invest in a good water belt to make sure you stay properly hydrated. When trying on belts, make sure they fit snugly right above the hips, and pick an appropriate size that allows you to adjust up and down depending on how many layers you are wearing that day. Think about how long your workouts last, how much you drink during your workout, and pick a water belt accordingly: single bottle or multi-bottle, large or small.

Finally, don't forget your feet. Make sure your socks are of a wicking fabric (cotton is going to keep in the heat and the wet and make your feet feel like sponges). Remember that your shoes are the most important piece of workout gear. If they feel uncomfortable, show no tread lines, or feel like worn-out slippers, replace them and give yourself that spring boost!

Sue Abell, creator of Tread Powerfully®, is a fitness instructor and personal trainer with an honours degree in English and fitness certification from Can-Fit-Pro. In 2008, she created a new indoor/outdoor fitness concept entitled Tread Powerfully®. Sue’s mantra: “INtense and OUT in an hour,” tells participants that during one of her classes, they will use a variety of deliberate and controlled movements that will engage every muscle group, increase heart rates, and still be adaptable for all fitness levels and ages. To learn more, visit