Something borrowed

By: The Gait Professionals at Burlington Orthotic Centre Jun 17, 2010

My friend gave me her old running shoes so I could start running, but now my feet hurt. Why?

Why a hand-me-down shoe isn't right for you

The gait professionals at Burlington Orthotic Centre answer: Running shoes are designed with different levels of control based on your gait style (i.e. how you walk) and how much you pronate (foot rolls in, arch goes flat). A severe overpronator would benefit from a motion control shoe, whereas a mild to moderate overpronator would benefit from a stability shoe.

Running shoes are also built with cushioning, which on most high-end shoes lasts anywhere between 500-800km. When the cushioning in a shoe wears out, runners can experience knee pain or shin splints. If you have the wrong control features in your shoe based on your biomechanics, it could cause pain in your feet as well as your knees, hips and back. You should consult an expert in gait biomechanics for an assessment to determine which shoe is right for your foot type.

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