Help for club foot

By: The Gait Professionals at Burlington Orthotic Centre Aug 19, 2010

I have a club foot and am now 55 years old. The pain and swelling in my ankle are getting worse. Do I need special inserts?

What to do to improve pain and swelling in club feet

The Gait Professionals at Burlington Orthotic Centre answer: It sounds like the clubfoot is in one foot only. There will be a discrepancy in size between one foot and the other, which you must take into consideration when fitting with footwear. The affected foot will bear a lot of weight on the outside border, or lateral border of the foot as opposed to the sole. The toes may also point inward.

It is not uncommon in some clinical cases to find a high arched and downwardly twisted foot, and a shortened limb on the affected side. These factors will compromise gait.

There are various flexibilities of clubfoot, and a thorough assessment by a pedorthist or an orthotist should be performed. Custom-made inserts with wedges to offload the area or shoe modifications may also be necessary.

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