Achilles tendon pain

Why is the back of my heel and lower leg painful?

Heel and calf pain usually involves the achilles tendon.

Pain in this area usually involves the achilles tendon. It connects the powerful calf muscles to the back of the heel bone and is a common site of injury. Identifying the cause leads to a faster recovery.

Causes include: sudden increase in activity levels, change in terrain to an incline or to harder surfaces (treadmill to concrete sidewalks), unsupportive or change in footwear (heels to flip flops), abnormal foot mechanics. 

To relieve the stress, Pedorthic treatment objectives could include supportive footwear, heel lifts, and prescription foot orthotics. 

Derek Gilmer is a Certified Pedorthist and the owner of Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic. Derek is exclusively trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, fit and modification of custom made orthoses (also called orthotics) and footwear in order to alleviate and manage pain, discomfort and disabilities in the legs and feet.