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By: Dr. Daniel Vandervoort, Feb 04, 2012
Your foot bone | Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinic, Ottawa, ON

How do I know if I need orthotics?

Chiropractors will often look at your feet as part of their assessment of your back problem.

The alignment of your feet has a direct impact on the rest of your body including your spine. By supporting the weight of everything above them, a small foot problem will alter your gait and cause changes in your muscles and joints above. That is why chiropractors will often look at your feet as part of their assessment of your back problem.

Many chiropractors use the latest technology "Gaitscan" to check for potential foot or gait problems that can affect your health. If needed custom orthotics can be uniquely designed.

How would I know if I had a problem?

Poor foot mechanics can cause any of the following symptoms;

1. Localized foot pain

2. Bunions, hammer toes

3. Arch/heel pain

4. Leg/knee pain

5. Hip or back pain

Properly made orthotics are custom moulded to the support needs of your feet. By gently correcting foot abnormalities. proper balance and alignment are improved in your body further enhancing your chiropractic care.

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Dr. Daniel Vandervoort from Beacon Hill Chiropractic graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1987 with both clinical and academic honours. He studied Human Kinetics at the University of Waterloo prior to CMCC. Born in Guelph, Ontario Daniel attended Georgetown High School. Dr. Dan is the director of Rockland’s oldest and most established chiropractic clinic since 1994. He also enjoys practicing 2 days per week at the Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinic on Montreal Rd. near Orleans with his partner Dr. Sylvie Bordeleau.

Dr. Vandervoort has special interests in athletics, fitness and nutrition. He is long term member of the local gym and competes in triathlons and road races. From both personal and clinical experience, Dr. Dan has considerable knowledge in the assessment and treatment of athletic injuries. He is able to treat spine related conditions in people of all ages using diversified and Activator techniques as well as providing appropriate home exercises.

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