What should I do if I knock my teeth out?

By: Dr. Taha Jomha Oct 05, 2012

What should you do if one of your teeth are knocked out?

The steps to take after knocking a tooth out.

You hear about people getting their teeth knocked-out, but have you ever wondered what you would do if you fell down and woke up with your two front teeth on the floor? If you get to a dentist IMMEDIATELY after smashing your teeth out, the chances are good that we can reconnect the tooth.

Dental emergencies are real, and most dentists set aside extra time during the day to take care of emergencies if any should occur. Keep your dentists phone number with you at all times.

Steps to take after knocking a tooth out:

1) Grab the tooth by the white food-squishing side. DO NOT touch the root of the tooth,

2) Rinse the tooth off gently. Do not remove any tissue.

3) If you can bear it, jam that food-muncher right back in its socket and bite down gently. If you can’t, make a tooth cereal with some milk and teeth, preferably in a sealed container. Remember to not drink the milk later.

4) Call your dentist and get your face in there so they can put it back together, and do it quickly. Very quickly.

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