A chiropractic education

By: Dr. Anna Neff Oct 06, 2012

What is the education of a chiropractor?

The education process of a chiropractor

Following the completion of a university degree, a chiropractor must then complete a rigorous four-year education program and pass comprehensive Canadian qualifying board examinations in order to become a licensed doctor. The subjects and number of classroom hours is very similar to that of a medical doctor, and in the US, chiropractors are utilized as primary health care providers in many of the states. In every province, chiropractors are regulated health professionals and are governed by the licensing college that protects the public and sets the standards of practice for the profession.

Dr. Anna Neff graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon with a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic, and opened her office in Milton in 2000. Prior to attending Chiropractic College, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from The University of Western Ontario. She has also completed the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program through the Department of Anaesthesia at McMaster University. Dr. Neff is also a member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, the Ontario Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Chiropractic Association, and the World Chiropractic Association.