Benefits of massaging your autistic child

By: Stephanie Muir Nov 30, 2012

My son has autism. Would he benefit from massage?

Lavender massage can benefit a child with autism.

Today it isn’t uncommon to know someone or know of someone who has an autistic child. It an be quite stressful as the parent. Your child sometimes cannot communicate with you as to what they want or what they need! There are many challenges that come when trying to help an autistic child. Some children become restless, over active and don’t sleep as much as they should.

Recently a child very close to my heart was diagnosed with autism. I know one of the biggest struggles for her family besides her being non-verbal, is that she doesn’t rest. She will sleep for a few hours and then will be up and ready to go for the rest of the night sometimes into the next day. Her parents were finding it very hard to get any rest as she wouldn’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time, if they were lucky.

I told my friends about lavender oil and massage; I thought she would benefit from a lavender massage. I informed them to use Young Living Lavender Essential oil, diffuse, put it on her pillow, make a spray with distilled water or put in her bath. If she would drink it (ONLY DRINK IF ITS YOUNG LIVING LAVENDER) that would be even better! Just a drop in some milk or vegetable juice to help calm and relax her. With the beautiful aroma of lavender soothing the environment, I then instructed her to massage her daughter. Use some lavender oil if you like and a nice organic oil (coconut/olive). Softly massage her legs, hands, arms and back. Remember to only massage your child if they are comfortable and open to it. This child in particular likes soft and light touch as she is hypo sensitive and is now discovering sensations of touch.

After just one night, she slept from 9:30 pm-8:00 am the next day! After a week or two of use they have seen the benefits and have now made this apart of their nightly routine with their daughter! So far so good!

Mom and Dad are getting the sleep they need to stay patient and work with their daughter throughout the day and their daughter is more relaxed and less stressed after her nice lavender massage! The massage therapy not only helps the parents and the child to relax it also helps to establish the elusive connection between the parent and the autistic child. This elusive connection is established by way of massage because the child loves the attention and touch of the parent.

Stephanie is the president of Lavandula Wellness Centre Inc. Stephanie opened Lavandula in early July of this year to help educate people on the benefits of investing in your health and wellness holistically. Throughout her career as an entrepreneur and registered massage therapist Stephanie realized that there was more that could be done on a holistic level to help her clients achieve their goals of decreasing pain and increasing quality of life. Over the past 6 months Lavandula has built a team of highly trained, very passionate and driven holistic practitioners and medical practitioners to help serve YOU mind body and soul.