How to set up your day to be a positive one

By: Joel Simms, Jan 12, 2013

Are there things I can do to have a more positive day?

Start your day off on the right foot!

The first few hours of the day have a significant effect on the rest of the day.... so it’s important for you to have a morning routine that sets you up for momentum. Having a good start to the day where you have set the tone is critical to feeling good and achieving more.

However, on some mornings you may not do your routine. If that happens here are some ideas on what to do if you get to work and your not well prepared:

1. Take a slow deep breath. If you arrive at work and feel overwhelmed, because you didn't leave enough time at home to deal with getting going effectively, slow down, take a moment to pause, and center yourself.

2. Take two. After the slow deep breath, give yourself a couple of minutes to get settled in. This is a good way to reset the tone of the day. Take this moment for yourself before you get buried in your day.

3. Listen to your thinking. if you are feeling stress when you walk into your office pay attention to your thinking and ask yourself "What am I thinking? In your first hour at work you set your momentum level for the rest of the day, so from a pure energy point of view, it’s a crucial part of the day. By tuning in to your self-talk channel you can put a halt to unhealthy thoughts, introduce constructive ones and get your work day going in a momentum-fostering way.

It's important for you to remember that you can use the elements of a healthy wake-up routine to restart and re-balance your day any time you want.

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