Overcome worry and stress

By: Joel Simms, Jan 06, 2013

How can I overcome worry and stress?

Here are some strategies to help you feel better and regain momentum.

Do ever wake up feeling overwhelmed with worries about your life? Do you sometimes uses your stretching, refocusing and relaxation skills and still find yourself feeling stressed? If you do here are some strategies to help you feel better and regain momentum.

If your worry is centered on uncertainties and on doubts that you will be able to deal with unforeseen or difficult situations, shift your focus. Even if there are valid reasons for concern, think about times when you have successfully dealt with similar situations and remind yourself of the capabilities that you have. Make a list of the situations and of the skills that you have brought to be bear in the past.

Focusing on this reservoir of positivity will reduce your anxiety and worry and also remind you of the power of realistic optimism. Thinking about negative outcomes is an old habit that makes situations seems worse. Optimism does the opposite, it fosters an "I Can" mindset which is an integral part of momentum mind thinking and achieving better outcomes.

Remember to use the power of your mind to counter knee-jerk negativity and to replace automatic negative thoughts with new accurate and constructive positive ones any time you feel stressed out.

Doing this at the beginning of the day will nip the overwhelm in the bud and help you propel yourself in a healthy direction.

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