By: Joel Simms, Jan 11, 2013

What is Mind Priming?

This list is to be compiled and then read aloud by you first thing in the day.

Today I want to introduce you to a simple and powerful way for you motivate yourself. I call the method Mind Priming. Here's how to do it:

Anytime you want to increase your likelihood of accomplishing something specific or realizing a goal, write a list of words that are related to the initiative. For instance here is a list related to relaxation:

  • breathe
  • stretching
  • pleasure
  • relief
  • refreshed
  • fun
  • enjoyment
  • rested
  • tranquil
  • peaceful
  • quiet

This list is to be compiled and then read aloud by you first thing in the day. Reading it will put you in a more relaxed mindset. It will focus your mind and prime it to respond with greater calm and relaxation when you hear these words, or even parts of the words, during the day.

Choose what you want to prime yourself for and then write a list of words associated with the feeling or behavior you want to illicit. Then say them aloud early in the day. Really focus on saying the words and go through the list two or three times. Repeat the list again mid-morning, and then in the early afternoon. If you can't do it aloud, do it silently and yet fully, in your self-talk.

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