Should I see a chiropodist for orthotics?

By: Alnoor A.Ladhani Jan 05, 2013

My doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor makes orthotics too - why do I have to go to a chiropodist?

Chiropodist vs. other orthotics providers.

In general, chiropodists/podiatrists have the best backgrounds and formal training in foot biomechanics and custom foot orthotic therapy. Most of the best orthoptics therapy experts will be chiropodists/podiatrists. This does not, by any means, mean that every chiropodist/podiatrist is an expert in orthotics therapy. Some chiropodists/podiatrists specialize in orthotic therapy and prescribe many of them and some do it as part of a more general practice and prescribe fewer.

Also, I have not seen many orthotics made by chiropractors, physiotherapists and non licensed medical providers that I can say are adequate, but they may be out there. An important thing to remember is that most insurance companies require that recommendations, prescriptions and fittings for custom made plaster casted orthotics be provided by a licensed chiropodist/podiatrist.

Alnoor A. Ladhani (please, call me Al!) graduated from The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in 1997 with his Diploma in Chiropody. He established the main office of Step by Step Professional Family Footcare later that same year.

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