How to get your morning negativity turning into positivity?

By: Joel Simms, Feb 23, 2013

I often feel negative in the morning. How can I be more positive?

These tips will help you feel more motivated and reduce your tension.

If you reluctantly crawl out of bed with negative thoughts already filling your mind and feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I have 8 tips to get your positivity going. The tips will help you feel more motivated and reduce your tension.

1. Take a morning stroll. Daylight, and even more so sunlight, are mood boosters. So is physical activity. Put them together, and you have a great way to start your day. Of course, if walking isn’t your thing, you can stretch first thing in the a.m. or participate in any other physical activities you enjoy.

2. Send "hugs and kisses" to your loved ones. My granddaughter Lilly sends me off to work with hugs and kisses, and she's not with us, and i speak to her on the phone, she ends the conversation by saying, "Hugs and kisses are flying to you Zaidy."

Spread your affection around. Don’t let anyone in your household walk out the door without knowing they are special. If you live alone, take a moment to send a quick “thinking of you” email. Call a friend on their work phone, so he or she arrives to the office with a pleasant voicemail.

Do something every day that shows someone else that you care. You will be a part of their good morning and brighten the rest of their day.

3. Focus on the awesome. Take a few minutes in the morning and open your senses to more fully appreciating the world around you. Experience your surroundings like a child again. Everything is new and interesting. Listen to birds sing; smell the grass and flowers see the beautiful shapes and colors. It will help you cultivate a sense of gratitude, which contributes to a positive mood.

4. Do one thing that makes you happy. Think of activities that tend to boost your mood, regardless of how small they seem, and incorporate them into your morning routine. Maybe that’s playing with your kids for a few minutes, listening to great music, playing the guitar, or reading a fabulous book. Maybe it’s drawing, singing in your car, writing in your journal, having breakfast in your backyard or playing with your pet.

5. Start your day with a hot shower. Water is known for having calming effects. A shower can soothe any aches and pains and help you feel refreshed and ready for the day. It does a great job of washing away your grogginess, too.

6. Eat an energy-boosting and fulfilling breakfast. Many people levee home after drinking a cup of coffee and maybe wolfing down a bagel…if they eat at all. Instead, take a few minutes to sit down and savor your breakfast. Pay attention to the tastes, textures and scents. Eating something nutritious and tasty nourishes both your body and your mind.

7. Notice the beauty of Mother Nature. On your way to work, pay attention to the environment, the sunshine, the sounds, the smells, and the shapes the clouds have made. Nature is beautiful, and yet we often take no notice of it as we hurry through it. Take time to connect to the pleasures right outside your door.

8. Tune into your breathing. Sitting or lying down, place your hand on your abdomen and inhale and exhale, deeply and slowly. Notice the rhythm of your breathing. As you inhale, say the word “warm” aloud. Imagine the warmth of the sun on your body. As you exhale, say the word “heavy” to yourself. Allow yourself to reach a comfortable and soothing place from within.

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