What Audiologists check for

By: Stefan Fridriksson May 01, 2014
What Audiologists check for | Hear Again Balance and Hearing Clinics- St. Catharines, ON

What does an audiologist do?


Audiologists (Doctor of Audiology) determine appropriate patient treatment of hearing and balance problems by combining a complete history with a variety of specialized auditory and vestibular assessments. The objective of a modern Audiology facility is to provide a complete service to their patients. As such, our Audiologists also dispense and fit hearing aids. Audiologists may be found working in medical centers and hospitals, private practice settings, schools, government health facilities and agencies. They also work as instructors in Audiology, Speech Pathology and Medical schools in colleges and universities. As a primary hearing health provider, Audiologists are trained to recognize abnormalities in the auditory and vestibular systems. As such they are qualified to refer patients to physicians, specialists and various other healthcare providers. They also provide their expertise to industry and government suggesting ways to minimize the impact of noise on people's hearing. Audiologists engage in research in hearing science, and the habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing problems and are involved in the clinical education of students.

Stefan Fridriksson was awarded a Masters Degree in Audiology at the University of Western Washington and a Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida. He completed his fellowship in hearing disorders at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and his Doctorate Fellowship in balance disorders at the American Institute of Balance in Seminole, Florida. He was the first Doctor of Audiology (AuD) servicing Niagara Falls and surrounding areas. He has 29 years of clinical experience and many years of experience teaching new audiologists and hearing health care professionals. He has practiced in Ontario since 1986 and has called Niagara home since 2002.