What kind of shoe to wear for a running program

What kind of shoe to wear for a running program

I’m thinking of starting a running program, what kind of shoe should I wear?

Does the type of shoe have different effects?

If you have not been a regular runner before, then you could choose to wear a traditional ‘maximalist’ running shoe or you may like to try the newer ‘minimalist’ style.  Current thinking is that the minimalist shoe requires a different running style that is more efficient.  The forefoot hits the ground rather than the heel, there is a shorter stride length and a higher cadence, and less impact forces so less likelihood of injuries such as stress fractures and shin splints.  This type of running style needs to be trained for so that you don’t put yourself at risk of other injuries such as Achilles tendonitis. 

If you are already a regular runner and would like to make a change to your running shoes or running style, you must transition slowly to decrease the risk of developing an injury.  There is a recommended transition protocol to follow in order to make this change. 

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