Pregnancy Reflexology

Could reflexology benefit me while I am pregnant?

Does Reflexology Help While Pregnant?

Reflexology is generally considered to be safe in pregnancy and can be given at any stage of pregnancy, although the earlier the treatments start the more effective they can be. Reflexology has been likened to exercise and should be done and built up gradually within the client’s comfort zone. There are some contraindications to having reflexology during pregnancy but these are few so please contact me either by phone or email and I’d be more than happy to discuss any concerns with you.

Reflexology experienced during pregnancy can:

  • Promote and support a pregnancy
  • Provide relief from pregnancy related conditions and discomforts
  • Assist a natural delivery
  • Shorten labour time
  • Improve recovery time post birth
  • Support good breastfeeding
  • Help with postnatal depression

Reflexology can provide relief from many pregnancy discomforts such as; nausea, backache, constipation, symphysis pubis dysfunction, high or low blood pressure, fatigue and headaches and many more. The link between a mother’s health and her unborn child’s health is becoming increasingly well known, reflexology can help the mother achieve her best potential health and consequently assist the health of her baby.

Reflexology can assist in ensuring a natural delivery by helping prepare the body for labour and facilitate the birth process, including priming labour and turning a breech baby. Research studies have shown that women who receive regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have a shorter labour with less intervention (Motha, Dr G. 1994 The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy Reflexions - The journal of the Associations of Reflexologists).

Reflexology can promote a speedy recovery after the birth and establish good breastfeeding. Chinese research has shown that reflexology makes women lactate earlier and more satisfactorily. Reflexology can also be very beneficial in helping to cope with and recover from postnatal depression. These positive postnatal effects can benefit a mum who has a caesarean, ensuring reflexology experienced during pregnancy still relevant.

The session will balance the entire body with additional gentle working of the reproductive organs and endocrine system reflexes using linking balancing movements. Relevant pregnancy complaints can be treated throughout the sessions including extensive work on the lymphatic system to assist with any swelling and fluid retention.

A reflexology treatment is generally an incredibly relaxing experience and at a time when a mother’s body is going through amazing changes and stresses it can be immensely timely and beneficial!

Michelle Haché is a certified reflexologist with the Ontario College of Reflexology a Registered Reflexology Practitioner with the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario, a Reiki practitioner as well as a fitness and birth professional in Burlington, ON. She teaches fitness classes for the City of Burlington; along with her work at Birth Beginnings she has been able to make positive impacts on the health and wellbeing of many. She is passionate about her job because she recognizes her small acts have a huge impact on the individuals and therefore the families and communities she works with.