Skin Concerns For Men.

Skin Concerns For Men | Clarity MedSpa & Laser Centre

How can I keep my skin from getting dry and rough?

Things that never cross a man’s mind when it comes to skin!

Typically men are not kind to their skin.They do not protect it and for the most partdo not treat it well. If they are busy,they bother even less.  They do not cleansefully nor do they use appropriate moisturizers and sun care.

Poorer diets with more reliance on fast foods andless outdoor activity are other facets of over work,making the issues of oily skin, acne,scaliness and redness more prevalent. Stress for some can make the skin appearas though it has dandruff.

Chantal Ward, RN, a Medical Aesthetic Specialist, notes the landscape for men in the aesthetic industry is changing, “We are seeing a significant increase in males seeking to improve their appearance.  In a world of high-tech and business start-ups there is now more pressure to appear as youthful and energized as possible.  It simply isn’t about vanity anymore” says Nurse Ward.  “For some men it is about competing for jobs and staying in the game.”

Chantal’s first recommendation for a more youthful appearance:Protect your face from the sun! If you are in the sun, then wear sunscreen and a hat.  This includes the golf course, cycling, convertible car, bbq’ing, sitting poolside, fishing, and the list goes on. Men are strongly advised to watch their sun exposure, especially in areas that are easily overlooked, such as the scalp and the higher part of their forehead as their hair recedes.

Skin Tips:

  • Apply sunscreen before heading outdoors and reapply every two hours.
  • Use high spf 50+ sunscreen. 
  • With the all the new technology in sunscreen manufacturing, keep testing products until you find one you like.
  • Understand skin type – Men also need to use moisturizers.  
  • If you are a man with oily skin use a lighter lotion.
  • Seek the advice of a skin professional to source a cleanser/moisturizer routine that is well suited for you and more importantly, simple to use.
  • Get regular skin checks to pick up medical issues early.Don’t leave a new spot or partially healing one unchecked.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss options such as BOTOX®, Microdermabrasion or Radio Frequency skin tightening – you’d be surprised to learn just how many men are partaking and no one knows!

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