What Services do Dental Clinics Offer?

By: Okanagan Smiles Oct 16, 2012

Are all dental clinics the same? What do they have available to me?

What Services Are Available To Me?

When you’re looking for a dental clinic to help you take care of your teeth for years to come, you want to make sure it offers all the services you and your family might need, and you want to feel at home.

To make sure your family’s dental needs are met, your dental clinic should offer a complete range of dental services, from cleanings and root canals to teeth whitening and cosmetic braces. Here are some of the services our Kelowna dental clinic offers:

General Dentistry

Bridges – Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Nearby teeth are shaped to act

as anchors for a bridge: implants or crowns that go over top the two neighbouring teeth cemented to the fake tooth in the middle.

Cleanings – Also known as periodontal treatment, cleanings are a chance for your dentist to measure the health of your mouth and give you the right treatment—laser therapy, rinses, scaling, ultrasonic cavitron equipment and more.

Crowns – If you have a tooth that’s misshaped or that needs to act as an anchor in a bridge, your dentist will create a cover or ‘crown’ for it to create a natural-looking perfectly shaped tooth.

Digital complete dentures – Digital dentures allow your dentist to take a 3-D image of your mouth to create dentures that are the perfect fit and get them to you faster.

Digital X-rays – Digital x-rays give dentists a faster, safer snapshot of your mouth that you can also see on a high definition screen.

Extractions – If you have an accident and a tooth needs to be removed, or you have painful wisdom teeth, dentists offer a range of ways to reduce pain and make the process comfortable.

Fillings – Our Kelowna dentists use ‘composite fillings’ (white fillings) to give you fillings that are safe as well as natural and invisible to the naked eye.

Implants and mini implants – Implants give you a natural, non-invasive way to replace missing teeth or act as support for crowns, bridges and dentures. Mini implants are smaller and act as a great option to support full or partial dentures.

Oral cancer screening using VELscope – To help you detect oral cancer sooner, many centres like our Kelowna dental clinic are using VELscope, a diagnostic tool that illuminates rapidly-changing, unhealthy mouth tissue.

Root canals – When the nerve inside the tooth becomes infected, a root canal will clean, shape and fill the canals to help prevent re-infection.

Sealants – Sealants act as a barrier to seal in the grooves of children’s teeth to help prevent cavities.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile makeovers – If you’re ready to enjoy the health and confidence that comes from having a beautiful smile and dental treatments, dentists can employ a range of tools, from braces and crowns to cleanings and whitening to give you a smile makeover.

Teeth whitening – Today, dentists can offer a range of in-office and home teeth whitening solutions, from pens to gel trays, to help you achieve your whitest most vibrant smile.


Invisalign cosmetic braces – If you want straighter teeth and you only need mild or moderate shifting, the clear trays of Invisalign straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

Six-month smiles – Adults often choose this method, which uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to fix crooked teeth because teeth are straighter in just six months.  

The Kelowna dentists at Okanagan Smiles go out of the their way to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as the latest treatments and technology so you can enjoy your visits and a healthy, beautiful smile.

We are committed to continually improve the dental experience for you, our patients. Our goal is to be available and committed to you with both time and services provided. We will always have at least one dentist in the office to serve you and to handle your emergencies. If you have trouble getting time off work we will make evening or morning appointments available for your convenience. We are both committed to continuing education and will stay up-to-date on evolving dental procedures throughout our careers. For you, this means some procedures we can now replace a needle and drill with equipment like soft-tissue lasers or air abrasion, and other procedures that have been referred out of office we will now do at Okanagan Smiles.