Living the Life You Want!

By: Lyn Firth, Registered Professional Counsellor Apr 15, 2015
Living the Life You Want! | Lyn Firth, Registered Professional Counsellor

Can therapy help me figure out what I should be doing?

Break free from a life of “should”

There is a tremendous amount of pressure these days to be successful and happy. We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us what we “should” think, what we “should” do and what we “should” feel if we want to have the perfect life and be happy.

Trying to keep up with the pursuit of the perfect life and family and societal expectations can leave you feeling like you are not living your own life.

The perfect life does not exist and its pursuit can lead to a lack of fulfillment, disillusionment, deep sadness, anxiety, bouts of depression, and unhealthy behaviours.

Therapy can help you break free from living a life of “should”. It can heal the pain of feeling unhappy. It can help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and feel good about your life and your future.

When you let go of who you think you ‘should’ be and become who you are, you discover that you are your own source of happiness. You discover what inspires you and makes you feel fulfilled. You discover your purpose and how to live with meaningful actions.

  • Explore who you are inside;
  • Discover what makes you uniquely happy;
  • Define what successful living is for you;
  • Overcome blocks to your success and happiness.

Leave the “should” behind and step into the real you. Live the life you want.


Lyn's passion for working as a Women’s Counsellor stems from her own experiences and also through the shared experiences of many women she's worked with over the past 15 years. Lyn Firth - the life you want specializes in counselling for women in the Vancouver, BC area.