Journaling Options for Young Children

By: Angela Szameit, M.A., OACCPP, Psychotherapist Mar 17, 2015
Journaling Options for Young Children, Angela Szameit, M.A., OACCPP, Psychotherapist

A secret treasure box for your child

This idea is for the really little ones who are learning to read and write. While picture drawing is one method of journaling, another great and fun idea is making a treasure chests or treasure boxes!

One thing all children love is the ability to have some place to hide what is special to them. Having a secret treasure box is one of those thing that may help your child to express his/her self.

All these items to make a treasure chest can be found at Dollarama. Wooden boxes, to more traditional gift box types, the ideas are endless. It would also be a fun bonding moment to help your child choose which box they like and what to decorate it with. Then, they can hide what they treasure most in it!!

Does your child like little figures? Little cars? Animals? A treasure box will help them store those special ones and help them have a sense of something special for them to capture their imagination. A special drawing can go inside, to a favorite rock or sea shell found. Just no frogs or bugs ;)

The ideas are endless and it may make a great rainy day or extremely hot summer day project!

Happy treasure box making!!


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