Feeling Good vs. Feeling Bad, It's Your Choice!

By: Ms. Ayse Hogan May 16, 2015
Feeling Good vs. Feeling Bad, It's Your Choice!, Ms. Ayse Hogan

Think about how your thoughts affect your feelings...

First – Let’s Understand What We All Want

  • We strive for meaning and these are the aspects that you cannot see; it’s a feeling, a knowing a confidence
  • We want to feel fulfilled – no matter what that thing is that allows us to feel that
  • We want to know that our life matters
  • We want to know that we are making a difference in another’s life
  • We yearn for the material things in this day and age
  • We want connection
  • We want peace both internally and communally

Second – Negative Aspects of the World around Us

  • Leaders creating wars that are tearing our families apart
  • Mothers that can’t feed their children
  • Fathers wondering what tomorrow will bring
  • Teenagers committing suicide for attention
  • Terrorists threatening and bombing other countries, races, religions
  • Children dying in cars in the heat and wandering alone in the freezing cold
  • Hate and destruction
  • Road Rage
  • Family and Relationship Dysfunction on all levels

How Bad Do We Have To Feel To Make This Better?

The truth is we can never feel bad enough to make the turmoil and negativity of this world any better. If we could fix the unnecessary death and destruction we are causing as the human race by feeling bad, I would spend my days and nights feeling bad. I would allow myself to feel the worst I could possibly feel, if I thought for one second that it would heal this world. The truth is, I can’t feel bad enough…I could never feel bad enough to fix one thing. What if we all felt bad together? Nope, that wouldn’t work either. This method, simply won’t work, which is why, one of the ways I have chosen to deal is this. I have not watched the news in 2 years. I can’t tell you one negative thing that is going on in our world. Most people will laugh at me and think I am foolish for this methodology. Here is my response to you! How bad do you feel after watching the news? Does it make you angry? Does it make you feel bad? Does it make you feel sorry? Does it make you feel hate? Do you have any concept of how these feelings are effecting your energy body and the environment around you?

Why would I ever want to feel that or contribute to that? How my knowing what destruction would is happening halfway around the world in the name of hate or discrimination effect anything? How will my knowing that a child went into a school and killed his or her classmates, with a gun, make anything better? I’d rather live in my happy bubble and feel good…I’m comfortable with my ignorance of those aspects of our world.

A Better Option – Feeling Good and Why

How about feeling good? How about healing ourselves, one person at a time and changing the energy of this world by using positive energy. What do we have to lose? Feeling bad isn’t helping us any, our current world situations is evidence of that. We are all connected through a higher consciousness…you may call it God, the Universe, Allah, Buddha or by another name that suits you, but most of us understand this as a higher source. Through this higher source, we are all connected, so what we feel, will spread to us all, and to the environment. Even those that have lost their way are connected, their connection may be a little corroded and rusty, but it will never ever be disconnected.
Here is a little tidbit to ponder for a moment or two…what if all the negativity that is being pumped into the world, is actually causing the earthquakes, psunami’s and other natural disasters? What if our negativity and bad emotions are actually what causes illness? I mean everything is made up of energy including the earth, so it would just make sense that all of our hate and war and bad feelings are going to wipe us out, if we are not willing to change our ways from feeling bad to feeling good. How about the news stations start focusing on the good things going on in the world instead of sensationalizing the ridiculousness of our worst side as a the human race and instead of focusing on what we shouldn’t be. We fight for what we already had coming into this world. We were born free, fed and we came from a place of love...if not by our parents in some cases, always from the higher source. We are always loved, whether we realize it or not, in spite of ourselves, that piece my friends will never change. You don’t even have to want the love, but you will always have it.

When We Look In The Mirror, What Do We See?

We see our 5 sensory body…simple! What about your soul? Your higher self? What about that little voice in your gut that never leads you astray, if you would just listen? What about that bantering voice in your head that makes you question every single decision you make? What you see in the mirror is not incorrect, it’s just not the complete picture.

We don’t learn about our inner and higher self in school, so as we grow older, we lose our connection mentally and physically and on a conscious level. The truth is, we are never disconnected, we just forget. We lose track of our higher or true self and allow ego to take over. We allow ourselves to lose our way and loosen our connection with the very energy that will help us heal ourselves and this world. The answer is so simple and yet, for some reason, we choose the hard way, and it’s not going to work no matter how hard we fight. Why choose to fight against something when we could be fighting for our own healing.

Ayse Hogan is much more than a genuine caring certified healer. She’s a dynamic and passionate soul who is bursting to share how complimentary and holistic therapies can help people rise above even the most insurmountable challenges! She knows this through her own experiences. Ayse is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also certified in Past Life Regression, Interlife and Spirit Release, Thai Reflexology and is in the process of obtaining the Hypnosis certification.

She is the owner of The Chakra House of Healing Inc in Southampton, ON where she facilitate the process to bring balance to her clients not only practically but holistically…helping to balance their finances and their chakras and spirit.