Understanding Skin Rashes

By: Anthony Davies, MD, Dip. Anes., FAzCIM, LMCC, MCFP May 21, 2015
Understanding Skin Rashes, Anthony Davies

Can a rash on my skin be caused by stress? 

What can I do?

Acute stress reaction can manifest in subtle and overt ways - mild, apparently unrelated symptoms, to severe debilitating conditions including a rash. The link between stress and our immune system have now been described in the scientific literature. All of us should learn and practice simple ways to reduce stress in our lives, including healthy coping mechanisms like mild to moderate regular exercise, sleep, breath-work, yoga or meditation including prayer.

Anthony has over a decade of experience in global public health and international health having practiced as a medical doctor in Africa, North America and the Caribbean (South America). He has recently been a consultant to McGill University’s Field Studies in Africa, post-graduate student and fellow at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona and MPH learner at University of Roehampton, UK.

These days, in addition to presiding over a young business corporation, providing superior leadership and manager role, Anthony practices in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine consult, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Prenatal care including labor and delivery.