Lower Risk of Diabetes Through Lifestyle Management

By: Anthony Davies, MD, Dip. Anes., FAzCIM, LMCC, MCFP May 23, 2015
Lower Risk of Diabetes Through Lifestyle Management, Anthony Davies

Both of my parents are diabetic, how can I prevent from becoming diabetic myself?

Nature vs. nurture, and how we can control our lifestyle

The causes of diabetes have been described as multi-factorial and nature versus nurture. This means many of us may have inherited the bad genes to cause diabetes in the early years or later years of our lives. Even so, we can severely reduce our chances of becoming diabetic through lifestyle management. If lifestyle management were a pill, it will sell like hot pancakes literally, because it can reduce our risk of having cardiovascular disease including hypertension, heart failure, strokes, diabetes, heart attacks, artherosclerosis and atrial fibrillation by about 80% according to recent research in the literature.

Smoking and physical inactivity are among the top risk factors. Others are stress, the American diet linked to obesity, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Motivational interviewing is the tool I trained with through my Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, and that I use in my clinical practice with patients and clients.

You can learn more about this technique at www.motivationalinterviewing.org


Anthony has over a decade of experience in global public health and international health having practiced as a medical doctor in Africa, North America and the Caribbean (South America). He has recently been a consultant to McGill University’s Field Studies in Africa, post-graduate student and fellow at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona and MPH learner at University of Roehampton, UK.

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