Spring Forward with Renewed Energy and Fitness Goals

By: Maxim Dorneval - Personal Trainer Jun 03, 2015
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Spring has finally arrived!

Spring has finally arrived and with it, renewed energy. Why not make setting a fitness goal a focus of this renewed energy? Do you want to lose weight, slim down, and tone your body? Or do you simply want to feel good and have more energy? Whatever your goal may be, now is the time to direct your efforts to achieving the fitness results that you really want.

How to Stay on Track and Achieve Desired Results

1) Set only realistic goals.
Expect to see real results after 4 – 6 weeks. Extreme dieting and exercise, with the hope of losing weight in a short period of time, can be a danger to your overall well-being with minimal long-term benefits.
2) Schedule time during the week to workout and make it a priority.
If you don’t plan it into your day, it probably won’t happen. If it just sits on your to-do list, it probably won’t happen. Schedule it and treat it as you would an appointment with a friend.
3) Record your workouts.
Start by writing down your beginning measurements and weight. By tracking your workouts, you will not only see your overall progression but it will provide a sense of achievement each day that you planned to exercise and actually did it. You will feel motivated and closer to attaining your fitness goal.
4) Change your workout intensity every week.
By pushing yourself each week to do more reps or heavier weights, you will build strength and see favourable results in your physique.
5) Change your routine every month.
Remember to switch up your routine so that you don’t get bored with your work out. Also, changing the routine prevents the plateau effect.
6) Create a fitness plan with a professional.
A personal trainer can design a work out schedule with your specific fitness goals in mind. He/she can also be a great motivator, keeping you on track and focused on your goal.
How do you want to focus your spring energy this year?

Why not take some time to set a realistic goal and organize your schedule for the next 4 to 6 weeks to carve out time to make it happen. Your body will thank you!

Maxim Dorneval is a certified personal trainer with 13 years of valuable experience in the field. His highly effective method of training and unique style developed out of his years of education, training, and self-discipline.

As a certified personal trainer with a Physical Education degree, Maxim is committed to helping his clients achieve their personal fitness goals. He is determined to train his clients to be in top physical condition and to motivate them in maintaining it. His training also includes educating his clients on the many advantages of regular exercise.