Intravenous Therapies

By: Dr. Kimberly Oxbro Nov 06, 2015

IV injections are the route of administration

From Cancer to Chronic Fatigue

Nutrient Injections to Reverse Advanced Disease States

What is an Intravenous (IV) injection?

IV injections are the route of administration of a vast array of medicinal products – everything from pharmaceuticals to natural substances. Doctors inject the solution right into the bloodstream via any number of veins in the body.

Why use IV injections vs pills?
  • Absorption
  • Bypass the stomach and intestines – avoid ‘denaturing’
  • Administer larger dosages of substances that could be absorbed orally
  • Immediate availability to the body of the injected substances
  • Saturation of tissues and cells with the IV substances due to a ‘pressure gradient’ 
What is injected in IV therapy?
  • A vast array of critical nutrients used by the body to function. These nutrients make up every chemical or enzymatic reaction in the body. These are the very same chemical pathways that most pharmaceutical drugs seek to alter. Instead of altering the chemical pathway, these nutrients provide the building blocks for the reaction to occur or be stimulated in the first place.
    The nutrients could be those needed for the heart to beat; for immune cells to form and work; for bacteria/viruses or even cancer cells to be halted or killed; for muscles to be relaxed; or for brain chemicals to form, etc.
Are the injections safe?
  • Yes. They are as safe as any other intravenous procedure performed at a hospital
    or medical clinic. There are very few side effects related to IV vitamin therapy. They do,
    of course, require supervision and administration by a licensed professional health care
    staff trained specifically in their usage.

Dr. Oxbro completed her undergraduate science degree in Biology and Psychology at Trent University and then completed a Masters of Science Degree in Pharmacology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Dr. Oxbro entered the 4-year Naturopathic Medical Program, obtaining her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine upon graduation in 2008. She currently treats patients, at her naturopathic medicine clinic Nova Health Naturopathic Centre in Kingston, Ontario.