Reducing Stress

By: Dr. Sarah Millar, ND , Jun 28, 2016
Health Momentum

Stress and it's relation to hormones.

The word “stress” is usually used when a person feels overloaded or unable to cope with the pressures placed upon them. The body is really only designed to handle brief periods of stress adequately. Problems often start to arise when stress becomes chronic- lasting for days, weeks or even years. This can have damaging effects on the body, taking a toll not only on mental health, but on organ health as well.

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol, for prolonged periods, can lower your immune system, disturb sleep and impair concentration and memory. It can also affect your blood pressure and cholesterol increasing the risk for a heart attack or stroke.

The experienced practitioners at Health Momentum provide practical and effective tools designed to manage stress and lower cortisol levels. Mindfulness-based therapy is one such therapy that has been proven to reduce stress-related medical conditions. It has also been approved by Health Canada as a first-line complementary therapy.

Dr. Sarah Millar, owner of has always been interested in the dynamic and inseparable role of the mind and body in healing. After studying four years of Health Psychology at McGill University, she went on to complete a four year Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Without exception, Dr.Millar strives to address the root cause of every health concern. In her private practice, she specializes in working with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue and general low vitality. In addition to her private practice, Sarah runs workshops and seminars that teach people how to begin looking at illness from a totally different perspective.

Sarah teaches specific and practical tools on how to begin working with the various challenges of life in an effective and balanced way. Essential tools for life are discussed and practiced as each individual learns to turn the tide on illness and suffering. Currently, Sarah treats patients at Health Momentum, a therapeutic centre in Kitchener, Ontario.