Rebalance Your Life: 6 Steps On The Road To Healthy – Part 2

Rebalance Your Life: 6 Steps On The Road To Healthy – Part 2

Part Two of Six Foundational Principles that need to be balanced in order to achieve and keep our health.

3. Get outside and move along

Because of our busy lives, we often don’t move as much as we should to keep all of the bodily pumps operating optimally. It is so important for our minds and bodies that we are spending time moving outside as nature intended us to.

If you have a desk job, or job that requires sitting for longer periods of time, try to remember to get up at least once an hour to move around and stretch your legs.

If you can move on the earth outdoors in bare feet, that is optimal. Biophysics has proven that there is a transfer of free electrons (which are powerful antioxidants) from the earth into our bodies, which scavenge for and neutralize free radicals anywhere in the body. Free radicals are anything that is cell damaging.

4. Get a good nights sleep

We follow the sun and moon along with all plants and animals in what is called a Circadian Rhythm.

This means that between the hours of 10:00pm and 2:00am is when our bodies are getting all of the physical repair it needs, and from 2:00 am to 6:00 am is when we are getting all of the mental and psychological repair our minds need.

This happens at no other times! It is so important to be allowing our cells to repair when they need to be, so try to sleep during these hours.

If you find that you can’t or you are on night shifts, ask for a 21 day rotation of shifts or try to nap at 11:00am and 3:00pm, when our bodies have a natural hormonal dip that we can soak up some repair from.

5. Eat like a cave man

Humans were eating a certain way for centuries upon centuries before we ended up with the technology to change what and how we are eating. It takes the human genome 100,000 years to change only one 10th of 1%.

This means that if we stick to how our ancient ancestors ate, we end up much better off in the over all health department!

The rule is simple to follow. If it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago – don’t eat it!

This means that a plant based diet, including healthy meats, fats and oils will keep our machines much more finely tuned as we move through our lives.

6. Cheers!

It has been said that the proper amount of water for us to be drinking is two litres per day. This doesn’t make much sense when you look at a 110lb woman standing next to a 350lb bodybuilder.

The optimal amount of water for any person to be ingesting is exactly half their body weight (pounds) in ounces of water per day.

This can seem like a ton of water, however when beginning in the morning, and sipping throughout the day, it is exactly the right amount to keep our detoxification systems running smoothly, as well as keeping us optimally hydrated.

Adding a pinch of sea salt to the water will help to re-mineralize it and the body to better absorb it so that we don’t find that we are spending most of our days in the bathroom.

Little Adjustments For Big Change

With just these 6 simple rules, you can sky rocket your health farther than you’ve likely imagined in a very short amount of time, without even noticing too much of an adjustment to your current lifestyle.

Remember, no matter what, that if you can live 80% optimally healthy, your body can absorb the 20% of fun and indulgence without losing any of that precious health that you’ve been working to keep!

Kelly Bentley from Soulely You Holistic Wellness uses her knowledge and skill set, to work one on one assessing clients physically, as well as metaphysically (that which is beyond what presents itself physically in the body). She has a solid knowledge base of bioenergy (the various human energy systems) the different stages of infant development, and how these correlate to a physical structure, mental emotional capacity, personality, disposition and perception. She appreciates socio-cultural correlations, as well as psychospiritual influences (pertaining to the relationship between spirituality and the mind), unearthing the root cause of mental and physical symptoms that often get overlooked by other medical professionals, giving the most comprehensive care possible.