Evaluate Where You Are Physically

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Sep 21, 2016
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What is the status of your body?

It is important to know the status of your body, its physical condition and its level of fitness. Knowing the physical condition is important because you will be able to deal with foreseen problems and handle them before they become life threatening. Your body is a machine and knowing the condition of the machine will give you knowledge of when it needs to rest in order not to be overworked or when it needs repairs.

WHAT CAN YOU DO your body like any other machine needs to be fed the right type of fuel and oils to make it run properly? This means that you need to find out what your body is specifically needing, not in general, but really specific to your body chemistry and try to give it the right kind of food that it can metabolize easily and that doesn’t poison it. This is the key to ensuring that you don’t waste too much energy trying to digest foods in an improper manner that can create many health issues including painful bloating.

Remember, one man’s food, can be another man’s poison! Sometimes extra supplements are needed in some key areas for proper energy.

Some of these supplements may include:

o Trace Minerals

o Fatty Acids

o Acid Buffers

o Magnesium

o Tissue Salts

o Whole Food Vitamin C

o B vitamins

o Probiotics

o Iron

o Water…..

Water and healthy fats are my favorite starting points to focus on with clients because they are often too low in one’s diet to sustain the proper hormone creation and therefore balance, and to coat the nerves in a protective sheath to avoid running around wired and frayed with drain from not having a calm nervous system. But don’t guess and become a fanatic pill popper! This can cause more harm than good! A case of a woman in my private practice comes to mind. She, like many, plunked a huge bag of supplements on my desk and was taking 14 bottles per day! These in combination were not working for her and were in fact hard on her liver and that in reality she needed only 5 of them short term, and in liquid or powder form, and the major realization was that she was consuming foods that just didn’t work for her body chemistry. With these changes it freed up her body’s energy reserves that were being wasted in trying to deal with her poor choices. Supplements come in many forms and they are by far not all made equal. In fact, many especially in tablet form have extra ingredients that are downright harmful.

Specific testing can be done to see exactly what your body chemistry needs and the amounts, in order to be at its best. It is very necessary to avoid guessing because there is definitely such thing, as too much of a good thing. A better body means better health, and better health leads to a more fired up, confident lifestyle! If your body is healthy, then you are most likely to be satisfied with your life. Remember to see a Naturopathic Doctor or other skilled professional you trust, to get a full workup to evaluate your internal physical state and needs of your body, as outside looks can be deceiving. Here are some key points to have your Health Practitioner Evaluate, for anyone that has lower energy than they would like, and a quick start tip to get started supporting that concern (with the approval from your Doctor). These are based on my 11 years of 1:1 clinical practice.

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