The Remedy Matches The Patient

By: Better Health Clinic Oct 17, 2016
Homeopath, Better Health Clinic

I hear in homeopathy that the remedy matches the patient. What does that mean?

Homeopathy is holistic in nature looking at every aspect of an individual and looks to the root cause of that individual's symptoms. Therefore matching the individual.

In more detail. It takes into consideration the individual’s unique way of experiencing physical symptoms as well as the way they experience life through mental emotional symptoms.

In other words It Locates the source of physical and psychological dysfunction that may be presenting itself as unresolved physical symptoms and removes them at a very deep level by treating with a system of medicine that treats like with like. All symptoms and the individual's way of reacting are taken into consideration and one remedy is given that best helps the whole person ....and therefore every symptom.

Therefore the whole person is treated with one remedy that is unique to that person.

The unique remedy that matches the person, that is holistic in nature is often very helpful at times of colds and flu as it is in any pathology. In it's very nature it raises the persons "vital force"by helping the individual release the reason they were vulnerable and got sick in the first place. This allows for quick recovery and a stronger vital force and immune system.

Written by 

Dr. Jayne Marquis, Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath


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