Ditch the salt or Embrace it?

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Dec 09, 2016
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Is salt not working for you?

Sea salt and sea vegetable powders are a great way to boost micro nutrients the body and thyroid need to function at their best.

The big trend to a salt free diet was a misnomer when it was assumed that everyone with high blood pressure had to avoid it...the reality is that only a small % of the population is "salt sensitive" meaning that their blood pressure is affected by it.

If you do react to salt consider these points based on my clinical experience:

1. Is it too salty?

More than 250 mg of sodium per serving in your food is not a good idea for anyone and could make just about anyone not feel their best.

2. Are you potato intolerant (based on the Carroll Method) meaning that many salts, especially table/land salts, test positive for your body chemistry issue?

This would create toxicity in your gut when you attempt to break down the potato derivatives causing likely inflammation, slowed metabolism, and energy drain.

3. Thirdly, Are you cane sugar intolerant (based on the Carroll Method)?

Yes... sadly, some table salt companies and hence processed foods with salt already added, add sugar to their salt! ... and the ingredient label would only list "salt”. Not what went into that salt!... makes your head spin which is why I love testing foods using the Carroll Method techniques to get an idea of what intolerances are hiding in them!

Punch Line/Moral of this story so you can take action now:

  • Buying low sodium products and making food at home
  • Stick to salts that work for your body chemistry
  • Buy food with 250 to 200 mg of sodium per serving only, minimizing restaurant food where you just don't know
  • Sea Salt such as Himalayan is a good choice for most people to use at home

No salt diets can be harmful. Try adding a pinch of salt to your end plate versus cooking with it at the start to use less.

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