Tips For Choosing A Shoe

By: Jeff Lewis (C.Ped.C) Jun 16, 2017
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Remember this advice for the next time you are Shoe Shopping!

There are no one style of shoe that is best for anyone person.

The shoe should fit the needs of that person’s foot structure; wearing a shoe with too little or too much support can have as much of a negative effect as a proper shoe can have a positive effect.

In general, here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the shoe for you:

1) Be sure the length is proper, do not increase length to get more width, instead change the shoe for a wider option. The end of the shoe should be approximately half a thumbs length from the longest toe.

2) A sturdy shoe will have a strong shank; if you can twist the shoe in your hands easily the shank is either made of weak material or non-existent.

3) Check the heel counter. Pushing firmly on the heel counter with your thumb, if it bends easily it is not appropriate for most activities.

Remember, some footwear is made specifically for certain events or occasions but not suitable for long term wear.

Jeff received his undergraduate education in Kinesiology and post graduate education in Pedorthics at The University of Western Ontario. Becoming a Certified Pedorthists of Canada was an easy decision for Jeff due to the major reconstructive knee and ankle surgery he required for injuries received while playing junior hockey. These injuries gave him a great deal of discomfort and pain both during sport and daily activities.Jeff found relief through the use of Orthotic devices, including a custom made knee brace. Realizing the relief and support these products provided and the desire to help others Jeff looked into furthering his education, then a recent grad of kinesiology, to become a medical professional.