How does an x-ray machine work?

By: STL Diagnostic Imaging Apr 26, 2018
STL Diagnostic Imaging, Burlington, Ontario x-ray.

What are the top 5 parts of our body most commonly x-rayed?

An x-ray machine is a piece of equipment that produces ionizing radiation.  When ionizing radiation is aimed and passed though a body part the body absorbs some of the radiation while the rest passes through producing an x-ray image on a detector.  Different body parts absorb different amounts of radiation depending on their density. The resulting image appears with varied shades of grey, which provide the radiologist with a diagnostic image that can be reported.

The most commonly x-rayed body parts are:

  1. Chest
  2. Spine
  3. Abdomen
  4. Pelvis/hips
  5. Extremities

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