Will not wearing my orthotics damage my feet?

By: Tom Lemke - Cped MC, Cped C, Aug 08, 2017
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Do I have to whear my orthotics everyday?

Below is the question asked....

I know I should be wearing my orthotics every day, but I do love having my feet free in the summer. Will not wearing my orthotics every day hurt my progress?

Tom Lemke - Cped MC, Cped C from "The Foot Lab" Weighs in on the topic.....

That is another question that is difficult to answer without knowing some specifics about your situation, often stretching and strengthening exercises can eliminate the need for orthotics. If you are going to go barefoot then you will want to do a lot of specific stretching and strengthening to get your feet ready for it, if you plan to wear flip flops or sandals there are many available with quite a bit of orthotic support built in that would be a good alternative - the internet is a good place to find them if you can't find them in store locally.

I personally have flip flops that have orthotic support built into them and find them really comfortable, and also have sandals that had removable insoles that I replaced with custom foot orthotics.

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